– Colegio Ponceño was founded in 1926 by María Serra Gelabert as “Colegio Ponceño de Varones”, a Catholic school for boys.

– The Marianist Brothers ran the school from 1930 until 1969.

– Since 1967, Colegio Ponceño (CP) is a parent owned non-profit corporation.

– A Board of Directors is elected yearly; they approve the FY budget.

– The Piarist Fathers have run the school since 1969 with a service contract with the school board.

– In 1973, Colegio Ponceño de Varones became coed and changed its name to Colegio Ponceño.

– In 1974, CP originally located in the middle of Ponce, moved to a new 15-acre suburban campus

– 8 main buildings, barrier-free, beautifully constructed and connected.

– In 1991 & 1992 the US Department of Education recognized the Elementary and High School of CP as an “Outstanding School of the Nation”.

-In 2005, the “Consejo Iberoamericano en Honor a la Excelencia Educativa” gave the “Premio Iberoamaricano de Excelencia Educativa” to CP, the first school in Puerto Rico to receive such an award.


– Colegio Ponceño is registered to operate by the Department of State of Puerto Rico and is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.


-To make its students conscious of their faith and enliven and strengthen it, so they may fully live it;

-To give students those basic skills needed, that will prepare them for college work, with a guarantee of success, according to each one’s capacities and interest;

-To educate the whole person, spiritually and academically, both as an individual and as a social being; and,

-To cooperate with parents, and work with them, in a climate of mutual respect and frequent dialogue.


– Student/Faculty ratio, 15:1.

– 70% of the CP students live in Ponce; 30% come from out of town.

– The student body is around 49% boys and 51% girls.

– There is 11% of non-Catholic students; their faith is respected.

– In spite of the economical crisis, CP continues providing between $65,000-$70,000 in financial aid each school year to gifted students but with financial need.

– Every year 100% of the Senior class goes to colleges and universities in PR and abroad; many of them will pursue master and doctoral degrees.

– The success of CP alumni in many fields, and in many countries is the best proof of the excellent education provided by Colegio Ponceño.


– CP is a prep school; so its admission policy is highly selective, but caring.

– An admission test is required and given several times a year.

– Careful evaluation of student transcripts and former school recommendations.

– If some interested students applying to CP are not well prepared academically, they might be accepted on probation the first year to be sure that they can succeed with the strong curriculum.


– School Calendar: Opening date, beginning of August; Closing date, end of May.

– Daily schedule starts at 7:50 am and ends at 3:00 pm.

– Semester system. Report card 4-times a year.

– Parents may see online the academic progress of their children.

– Principal language of instruction is Spanish. English is taught as a second language from Pk.

– Blended learning is used in most of the classes.

– Students have daily required classes in Spanish, English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science from 1-12.

– All 9-12 graders take Spanish I, II, III & IV; English I, II, III & IV; Algebra I & II, Geometry; Earth Science, Biology & Lab, Chemistry & Lab, Physics & Lab, World History I & II, US History, Puerto Rico History.

– 3 times a week they have Religion, Physical Ed & enrichment courses.

– Spanish, English & Math are taught at college level in 12th grade.

– Seniors may choose any of these Math courses: Business Math, Advanced Math or Calculus.

– Enrichment and remedial programs are provided throughout the year and during Summer School.

– Enrichment courses usually available: Agronomy, Business, Chemistry II, Geography, Health, Music, Office 365, Parasitology, Research, Robotics, Statistics, Theater, Writing Skills and others.

– Independent study is encouraged; 1 credit given per semester.

– Since CP is a Microsoft Academy, our students may be certified in Office 365 skills.

– 100-hours Community Service through High School are required for graduation.


– If we believe that all persons are God’s children, they have a right to be treated with dignity, so, all demeaning behavior is prohibited.

– Appropriate behavior of the highest standards is expected of CP students, to maintain a proper learning environment.

– Students are taught to help themselves.

– Group and individual guidance is provided to help students solve their religious, social, emotional and academic problems.

– Pastoral care is extended also to parents and teachers.

– The school uniform is required as a symbol of unity within the school community.

– CP partakes in educational US federal programs, such us Title I.


– Students are required to have all inoculations as suggested by the PR Department of Health before admission to the school.

– To attain a secure, healthy and efficient environment for the school employees, students, parents and visitors, CP promotes a workplace free of the possession, use, selling and distribution of illegal controlled substances, and the inappropriate or abusive use of legal controlled substances, tobacco and alcohol on the school premises, in accord with the Drug Free Schools and Campuses Act of 1989,


– Grades 7-12 participate in self-government, electing the Student Council each year.

– The Student Council coordinates and approves many of the student activities.

– Grades 3-6 also have a Student Council for their Elementary School.

– Students may take part in any clubs that they may be interested in, such as: Boy & Girl Scouts, Counselor Aids, Drama, Ecology, Library, Math & Science, Music, National Honor Society, Newspaper, Robotics…. or they may organize new ones.

– There is a wide variety of intramural and interscholastic sports program.

– After school hours, CP has a Sports Academy, Babysitting, Robotics… at very reasonable price.


– CP offers its excellent Catholic education at an affordable price.

– Find this year’s educational cost in a flyer in the middle of this brochure.

– CP is not a high-class elitist school, but a community school changing today’s society, integrating all social classes.

– Each family contributes to the CP Scholarship Fund.

– Scholarship and discounts are given according to the student needs and school funds available each year.

– Scholarship application dateline is April 30 of the previous year.

– Scholarship students are required to maintain B (80+) minimum and good behavior.


– CP seniors are accepted and graduate from universities in Puerto Rico, the United States, and other countries. Most of them will pursue master and doctoral degrees.

– Students going to the United States have graduated in such colleges and universities as:  Agnes Scott C, American U, Amherst C, Assumption C, Boston C, Boston U, Brown U, Carnegie Mellon U, Case Western Res U, Catholic U of America, Columbia U, Cornell U, Embry-Riddle Aer U, Emerson C, Fordham U, Franklin & Marshall C, Georgetown U, Georgia Inst Tech, Harvard U, Marquette U, Mass Inst Tech, Oberlin C, Pennsylvania St U, Pratt U, Purdue U, Rensselaer Inst T, Saint Joseph’s U, Seton Hall U, Stevens Inst Tech, Tufts U, US Air Force Ac, US Military Ac, US Naval Ac, U of Dayton, U of Florida, U of Miami, U of Michigan, U of Notre Dame, U of Pennsylvania, Vanderbilt U, Villanova U, Yale U, among others.


– In the suburbs of Ponce, Puerto Rico,  the second largest city on the island.

– On Ponce to Juana Díaz Road PR 14, Km. 6.5.

– From the San Juan-Ponce Road PR-52: take Exit 95 Coto Laurel, 2.6 miles; take Exit 98A (Road 10 to Adjuntas), 2 miles.


Colegio Ponceño

1900 Road 14 / Coto Laurel PR 00780-2147

Telephone 787-848-2525 /  Fax 787-259-4282

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